Current academic transcripts and the information systems that produce them, are not designed to support the variety of learning experiences associated with competency-based education and co-curricular activities, among other experiences. Student growth, agency and equity increasingly rely on holistic measurements of the learning process. Learners who wish to share these accomplishments must curate this information on their own and often without the official mark of the educational institution. To address this growing challenge, IMS Global has created the Comprehensive Learner Record standard to enable the market to develop innovative systems to store, display, and share this next generation of academic transcripts and verifiable credentials.

The PIVOT Project aims to provide outreach, resources, and demonstration projects to K-12 districts and schools to accelerate adoption of the Comprehensive Learner Record as better way to capture a complete picture of student competencies, skills, projects and experiences from the earliest stages of learning in a truly equitable, secure and transferable digital transcript for the 21st century. The PIVOT Project is led by IMS Global in partnership with the OESIS Network of 600+ independent schools and thousands of teachers. An executive board comprising leaders from school districts, state education agencies, and other educational institutions will promote PIVOT objectives and lead pilot implementations. The PIVOT Project will help schools assess their readiness for such a pivot, provide relationships and resources for implementations, and bring important constituencies from platform providers to institutions to back the process collaboratively.

The Time is Right for PIVOT!

Sanje Ratnavale, Co-Chair PIVOT and President, OESIS Network "The time is right for us to take the vision of a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) into mainstream acceptance and adoption in K-12. IMS Global has built the technical backbone via open standards of an interoperable CLR ecosystem; Competency Based Education has gained widespread acceptance of its potential impact on student equity, on growth and its ability to provide greater learner agency; higher education has completed pilots with CLR approaches and K-12 can learn from these initiatives; technology platforms from e-portfolios, mastery assessment platforms, SIS and data warehouses are capturing more student learning; Colleges are increasingly looking for more holistic pictures of admission applicants; and concerns have arisen about the impact of grades on student health, not to mention their validity for real student learning, resilience and growth."

-Sanje Ratnavale, Co-Chair PIVOT and President, OESIS Network of 600+ schools

There are over 98,500 schools in the US and over 13,000 public schools districts. We believe that an organization is needed to provide outreach, resources, and perhaps even financial support for many of these schools to consider reforming their transcripts into the kinds of records that capture student growth and learning in all its multifarious forms. The burden of implementing such a change goes beyond picking a vendor with an appropriate toolbox. IMS Global and OESIS Network are partnering to build an ecosystem of schools, edtech providers, professional development experts, networks, associations, foundations and others who are willing to collaborate and lead a high profile advocacy effort to provide the resources and framework to help K-12 schools PIVOT to make a transformational impact on education.

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An Ecosystem of Interoperability 

The Comprehensive Learner Record is part of IMS's digital credentials portfolio that also includes Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) and the Open Badges standards.


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PIVOT Leadership

An executive board including IMS, OESIS, and leaders from school districts, state education agencies, and other educational institutions will promote PIVOT objectives and lead pilot implementations.

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Powering the Evolution of Next Generation Transcripts

View video of OESIS and IMS CEOs as they discuss how IMS standards are providing the foundation to enable next generation transcripts.

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