Becoming a Contributing Member

Becoming an IMS Global Contributing Member


IMS Global is working with institutions, suppliers, school districts, and government agencies to develop and bring to market a set of open standards that make educational applications, content, and data plug and play. Contributing Members of IMS Global enjoy broad access to all IMS activities and recognize their leadership role in helping education move towards an open platform to enable greater efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation.

Membership Eligibility & Benefits

Membership is open to colleges, universities, school districts, academic technology suppliers, educational associations, and government organizations.

The terms of membership and IMS' governing rules are contained in our Certificate of Incorporation, the IMS Bylaws, the Technical Advisory Board Policies and Procedures,  and the IMS Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Time/personnel commitment

All personnel and other resource commitments are at the discretion of the member, subject to approval by the IMS Chief Executive Officer. The intent of this condition is to ensure that member activities are coordinated to benefit IMS Global and the member. Benefits realized by any member are likely to be directly related to the quality and amount of personnel, intellectual property, and related resources committed by the member to the project. By committing these resources, a member will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and expertise to the development process, and thus influence the outcomes of IMS Global activities.

Member Responsibilities

Contributing Members agree to the following:

  • Abide by the Bylaws and policies of IMS Global.
  • Complete and sign a membership application that identifies IMS Global technical, business, and marketing contacts.
  • Grant to IMS Global the power to disclose the names and addresses of its members for purposes of complying with the provisions of the US National Research and Product Production Act. This Act provides umbrella protection from US antitrust law for consortium activities.

To Join as an IMS Contributing Member Please Contact IMS:
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Annual Dues by Organization Type and Size $USD (see All Membership Levels)

Organization Type Organization Size CM
Suppliers by Annual Revenue +$50 million $55,000
+$10 million $25,000
-$10 million $15,000
-$1 million $5,000
Higher Education Institutions by Annual Operating Budget University State System $55,000
University State System Office $15,000
Community College System $15,000
Community College System Office $5,000
+$500 million $15,000
+$250 million $10,000
-$250 million $5,000
School Organizations by Number of Students Served State Dept of Education $5,000
+15,000 students $5,000
-15,000 students $3,500
-2500 students $1,500

*Note: There are infinite types and sizes of organizations around the world - many of whom do not fall into the defined categories above. Please contact us if you are wondering how your organization fits.