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Privacy Background

As more institutions use multiple tools to enhance the learning experience for students, there has been a commensurate growing concern over the privacy of educational and personal data. There are numerous legal and regulatory requirements on what Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be collected, shared, and safeguarded. However, guidance is lacking both in terms of real-world solutions to enable the safeguarding of information at a technical development level, as well as a broad understanding of the scope of the data that may be gathered and used. The privacy working group aims to provide best practices for programmatically safeguarding personally identifiable information that may be exposed while using IMS standards, specifically Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), Caliper Analytics®, and Learning Information Services. In addition, the group plans to create a “Privacy Service” that allows privacy settings to be carried along systems in the educational technology ecosystem. In addition to the privacy service solution, a privacy nutrition label, which identifies the data which is used and shared by accessing tools will be created to provide clear, unambiguous information about the privacy settings and requirements of different tools.

The Privacy Group is working to create a privacy nutrition label that identifies:

  • What information is collected
  • How your information is used
  • How and with whom your information is shared

If you are interested in participating in the Privacy group, please contact us.