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Digital on Day One: Checklist for OneRoster Implementation

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The K-12 Innovation Leadership Networks (ILN) are designed to provide a productive networking model for district and state members to work together in a meaningful way to discuss pressing issues, share ideas, and build successful community-focused solutions. Each group focuses on compelling projects with clear milestones and deliverables to help participants and the K-12 community at large develop solutions, best practices, and strategic resources to enable digital transformation to support teaching and learning innovation. The ILNs are also the conduit for K-12 institutional and state members to provide input into current and future IMS technical projects. Participation in the K-12 ILNs is limited to current IMS institutional members.
Contact IMS for more information or if you are interested in participating in a K-12 Innovation Leadership Network?

K-12 Credentials ILN

In this ILN, K-12 institutional members are focused on developing strategies for the effective use of digital credentials, collaborating to advance the digital credentials ecosystem, and furthering the adoption of innovative solutions that support competency-based education.

K-12 Curriculum ILN

This leadership network will focus on App Vetting, Student Privacy, Learning Platforms, Tools, Apps, Common Cartridge, CASE, with foundations in CASE Network, OneRoster, and 1EdTech.
Contact Karen Daughtery for more information or to receive a calendar invite for the upcoming meetings. 

K-12 Data and Assessment

This leadership network will focus on Retrieving Data, Returning Student Performance Data, Standardizing Testing Accommodations, Assigning Resources with foundations in CASE Network, OneRoster, and 1EdTech.
Contact Karen Daughtery for more information or to receive a calendar invite for the upcoming meetings. 

K-12 Member Development

This leadership network will focus on Onboarding, Branding, Helping small/rural districts, Marketing, and Communications.
Contact Karen Daughtery for more information or to receive a calendar invite for the upcoming meetings. 

K-20 Accessibility ILN

This leadership network is focused on accelerating adoption of an interoperable, accessible open ecosystem by articulating a clear alignment between accessibility requirements and IMS Global interoperability standards. *This is a joint K-12 and HED Innovation Leadership Network.

Current Focus: The Accessibility ILN is looking at what it would take to define an app vetting process for accessibility similar to the highly successful program that IMS has undertaken around privacy. What form that might take—the creation of a rubric, the gathering of data that current exists across multiple organizations and bodies, etc.—and how to turn that into an actionable plan.

Contact Karen Daughtery for more information or to receive a calendar invite for the upcoming meetings. 


CASE Network ILN

The CASE Network of Competencies and Academic Standards is an authoring and distribution network of official CASE identifiers by standards authors, such as State Education Agencies (SEAs), and edtech suppliers. The purpose of the CASE Network is to make the creation, management, certification, and public distribution of official learning standards in machine-readable format more efficient than PDF’s alone. CASE Network provides a single, verifiable, trusted source of learning standards in CASE digital format, making it easier to support aligned instruction across the digital learning ecosystem. The CASE Network ILN—open to all K-12 and HED institutions and standards authoring organizations—will:
  • Engage standards authors as CASE Network issuers in the software design, build, and deployment process and the technical function for CASE Network
  • Provide a forum to identify and discuss opportunities that will inform the CASE Specification Project Group and CASE Network Task Force as to the specific needs of CASE Network issuers
Interested in joining the CASE Network ILN, please contact Bruce Umpstead, Director of State Programs. 

State Assessment Leaders ILN

The State Assessment Innovation Leadership Network (ILN) is a collaborative group of state and district level assessment and technology leaders working to make online assessment systems, resources, and tools more efficient and effective. 

State Educational Agencies (SEA) Advisory

The State Education Agency (SEA) Advisory group provides executive leadership and coordination of SEA members to increase participation and leadership of SEAs across the greater IMS community. The SEA Advisory meets monthly in order to:
  • Provide agency for SEAs on how to lead interoperability efforts within their states and within the IMS Global community
  • Support SEAs in ways of engaging key stakeholders statewide, regionally, and nationally in the important work of interoperability
  • Lead the development of common procurement language and documentation for IMS standards that SEAs and their districts can include in RFPs, including developing fidelity rubrics for measuring the effectiveness of standards implementation
  • Provide executive guidance and feedback to IMS on policy and engagement strategies for engaging SEAs in joining CASE Network
If you are interested in joining the SEA Advisory, please contact Bruce Umpstead, Director of State Programs.