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New and future standards that can improve new technology adoption

Resources posted in this section are concerned with how new interoperability and adoption standards can enable greater innovation in teaching and learning at a large scale. Topics include items covering all of the latest information for institutional leaders on IMS standards, some of which can improve the experience of your users today and others that portend the future of enterprise learning technology.

(Some resources require that you join the IMS GLC Public Forums and Community to gain access and some resources are reserved for IMS Affiliate Members or higher).

Featured Resources:

Interoperability Critical for Success of iLearnNYC - October 2011, Article Format: HTML and PDF
Summary: Learn how New York City Department of Education uses IMS interoperability standards to support integration of content and tools.

Florida Virtual School® manages growth with interoperability standards - October 2011, Article Format: HTML and PDF
Summary: Discover how Florida Virtual School uses IMS Common Cartridge and IMS Learning Tools Interoperability to help curtail costs.

IMS Global Standards Provide a Foundation for Integration Between McGraw-Hill Content and Most Course Management System Providers - August 2011, Article Format: HTML and PDF
Summary: Learn how McGraw-Hill used Learning Tools Interoperability to successfully integrate content into McGraw-Hill Campus and other Course Management Systems.

IMS Global Standards Enhance Innovation at the University of Michigan -May 2011, Article Format: HTML and PDF
Summary:Collaboration to enable innovation is a hallmark at the University of Michigan (U-M). Consistently one of the largest public research universities in the U.S., the U-M places equally high value on teaching and learning. It is a founding partner and active contributor to the Sakai community open source project. It also has been an active participant and leader in the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

Taming the Metadata Beast: ILOX, November 2010, Type: Article Format: HTML and PDF
Summary: This framework, named Information for Learning Object eXchange (ILOX), is developed as part of the IMS Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE) specification that aims to facilitate the discovery and retrieval of learning objects stored across more than one collection. While thus far ILOX has been demonstrated to resolve a number of challenges specific to the e-learning domain, it is a generic framework that can be profiled to organize metadata about any type of digital content.

New Opportunities for Teaching and Learning: Extending Learning Management Systems Using Standards October 2010, Type: Online Slides
Summary: Chuck Severance's talk at Educause 2010 discusses how to add functionality to LMSs using Standards.

Teachers’ use of IMS Common Cartridge, July 2010, Type: Live webinar archive Format: Wimba. View the Recording
Summary: Dr. Agueda Gras-Velazquez (European Schoolnet) and Kati Clements (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) detail results from the ASPECT Summer School and explain why common cartridge seem particularly well-suited to address teachers’ needs.

New Generation Learning & Educational Technology Standards, September 2009, Type: Presentation Slides, Format: PDF document
Summary: Rob Abel presents on interoperability standards and educational trends in K-12, as well as an update on IMS and ADL cooperation from a workshop at EdNet in Chicago, Illinois.

IMS Learning Tools Interoperability Webinar – Update, July 2009, Type: Live webinar archive, Format: Wimba & PDF document of PowerPoint slides. View the Recording- Download the Slides
Summary: Join Dr. Charles Severance of IMS as he describes the coming release of BasicLTI, a breakthrough standard (being adopted by leading suppliers such as Blackboard and Pearson) for web service application interfaces (APIs) that replace ALL of the special-purpose integrations required to make new learning applications and content seamless across your academic enterprise.

Using Learning Technology and Standards to Increase Student Success in Math at the University of Alabama, July 2009, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: Interactive, web-based, discipline specific “homework applications” are a disruptive innovation featuring formative assessment that is rapidly improving the lives of teachers and students at scale.

The Next Generation of Learning Technology Standards Rob Abel - June 2009, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides. 
Summary: Rob Abel presents on the IMS Digital Learning Services standards and the 5 major drivers of change in the technical part of the educational enterprise at the European Distance Learning and E-Learning Network (EDEN).

LearnSAT -  Learning and Educational Technology Trends and Satisfaction Survey

Summary: LearnSAT is the education industry’s ONLY ongoing research into trends and satisfaction of products and services that contribute to the educational experience. The public may view in-process ratings and provide ratings by accessing the online IMS Learning and Educational Technology Product Directory. IMS Contributing Members have the ability to influence the categories, products and questions in the survey. IMS Contributing and Affiliate Members serve as survey panel participants and have in-process access to the full set of survey results in progress, including:

  1. Product ratings for 22 categories
  2. LMS ratings and trends
  3. Content authoring ratings and trends
  4. Classroom and collaboration technology ratings and trends
  5. Assessment product ratings and trends
  6. Digital content ratings and trends
  7. Product and service priorities for the next 12 months

Additional Resources:

Openness and Standards at Blackboard, June, 2009 - Type: Blog, Format: HTML
Summary: Ray Henderson, president of Blackboard Learn, communicates a new position at Blackboard to lead in standards activities such as IMS Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, and Learning Information Services.

Opinion: Demanding Educational Software Standards That Work, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2009, Type: Online article, Format: HTML.
Summary: In this editorial column, principal technologist at Georgetown University, Charlie Leonhardt, urges his information technology colleagues in education to demand interoperability standards while procuring or upgrading campus systems.

New Standards to Facilitate eLearning, eSchoolNews, March 2009, Type: Online article, Format: HTML. Type: Online article, Format: HTML.
Summary: This magazine article describes the rise of IMS Common Cartridge in helping improve teaching and learning.

Update on IMS Global Learning - Standards for Developing & Adopting Learning Technology Rob Abel - Educause 2008 - October 2008, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides.
Summary: Briefing slides from IMS Global Learning Consortium update for Educause, including the latest on the new suite of Digital Learning Services standards: Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, and Learning Information Services. Also find out about new learning technology leadership and adoption practice activities for digital textbooks, institutional analytics, online retention, and accessibility.

The Future of ICT Standards in Learning, Rob Abel - June 2008 - Type: Recorded presentation archive, Format: Streaming video or podcast.
Summary: This lecture sets the stage with the thought that the great dilemma of our time in that knowledge is the most valuable asset, but so difficult to measure, and then progresses to discuss the transition to Learning 3.0 and what it will mean for learning technology and standards.

Interoperability Standards: Addressing Education Industry Challenges: Student Textbook Use and Pricing, May 2008, John Falchi, Type: Association for Learning Technology (ALT) newsletter article, Format: HTML.
Summary: This article describes IMS efforts to address standards for born-digital learning content as part of the transition to digital textbooks and beyond.

2007 KERIS Issue Report Standardization Issue Report: IMS Accessibility
Summary: This issue paper considers the potential use of IMS Access for All standards in Korea.

2007 KERIS Issue Report Standardization Issue Report: IMS Common Cartridge
Summary: This issue paper considers the prospects for the Application of Common Cartridge in Korea in conjunction with the Digital Book project and based on the history with the CyberHome Learning System.

Learning, Technology, and Standards: A Call to Action for the Coming Era , Rob Abel, October 2007, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides.
Summary: This presentation addresses the question of “How do you know if your institution is a leader in learning?” and the ramifications this question has on the use of technology and standards.

Access For All, And Access to What? Rob Abel, Presentation at Open Forum on Standards in Accessibility, September 2007, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides.
Summary: This presentation addresses the status of adoption of the emerging IMS Access For All accessibility standards and asks the question of how to improve adoption on the content side of the equation.

Learning Impact 2007: The Latest Trends in Learning, Technology, and Standards, August 2007, Type: Annual Review report, Format: PDF
Summary: This report from the IMS Global Learning Consortium reviews the latest developments and learning technology and standards and highlights six strategic trends to watch going forward into the future.

Innovation, Adoption, and Learning Impact: Creating the Future of IT, March 2007, Rob Abel, Type: Educause Review Article, Format: HTML
Summary: This article reviews the progress made in adoption of technology to support learning over the past 10 years in higher education and looks to the future given the current socio-economic drivers, with a special emphasis on the role of the Chief Information or Chief Learning Officer.


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