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E-Learning: How to expand and improve

Resources posted in this section are concerned with how to take you e-Learning and blended learning to new heights – serving more students and achieving higher quality levels. Topics include items covering how to achieve best practice in executive leadership, program design, student & teacher support, and mission alignment.

(Some resources require that you join the IMS GLC Public Forums and Community to gain access and some resources are reserved for IMS Affiliate Members or higher).

Featured Resources:

The Learning Impact 2010 Report: High Value Projects that Leading Institutions, Schools, and Governments are Implementing to Improve Access and Affordability to High Quality Educational Experiences, February 2010, Type: Executive Summary, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: This report is directed at individuals and organizations leading the adoption of new technologies to support teaching and learning at the course, discipline, institutional, and educational system levels. Its goal is to help identify repeatable implementation projects that can help institutions and educational authorities improve access, affordability, and quality of educational experiences.

Using Learning Technology and Standards to Increase Student Success in Math at the University of Alabama, July 2009, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: Interactive, web-based, discipline specific “homework applications” are a disruptive innovation featuring formative assessment that is rapidly improving the lives of teachers and students at scale.

A Survey of Student Retention Early Warning Strategies, February 2009, Type: Research report, Format: PDF document.
Summary: This qualitative research report from collaboration between the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Education Advisory Board Corporation describes successful U.S. higher education case studies of a variety of approaches to improving student retention.

Seven Trends to Watch in Digital Learning, October 2008, Type: Interview and event summary article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: This article is a complete summary of a series of interviews with executives discussing trends in both publisher and open content (Pearson, Cengage, Curriki, Connexions) as well as a networking session from Educause 2008 in which 50 higher education leaders expressed their opinions on what is occurring with respect to adoption of digital content.

LearnSAT -  Learning and Educational Technology Trends and Satisfaction Survey

Summary: LearnSAT is the education industry’s ONLY ongoing research into trends and satisfaction of products and services that contribute to the educational experience. The public may view in-process ratings and provide ratings by accessing the online IMS Learning and Educational Technology Product Directory. IMS Contributing Members have the ability to influence the categories, products and questions in the survey. IMS Contributing and Affiliate Members serve as survey panel participants and have in-process access to the full set of survey results in progress, including:

  1. Product ratings for 22 categories
  2. LMS ratings and trends
  3. Content authoring ratings and trends
  4. Classroom and collaboration technology ratings and trends
  5. Assessment product ratings and trends
  6. Digital content ratings and trends
  7. Product and service priorities for the next 12 months

Additional Resources:

The Next Generation of Learning Technology Standards Rob Abel - June 2009, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides. 
Summary: Rob Abel presents on the IMS Digital Learning Services standards and the 5 major drivers of change in the technical part of the educational enterprise at the European Distance Learning and E-Learning Network (EDEN).

New Standards to Facilitate eLearning, eSchoolNews, March 2009, Type: Online article, Format: HTML. Type: Online article, Format: HTML.
Summary: This magazine article describes the rise of IMS Common Cartridge in helping improve teaching and learning.

"The universities with students at a distance are more innovative" An Interview with Rob Abel, December 2007. Type: Interview article, Format: HTML.
Summary: Rob Abel provides his views on open and distance learning and standards while in Barcelona, Spain for the meeting of the Open Campus project.

The Evolving Course Management System and the Future of Learning: An Interview with Matthew Schnittman - November 2007, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: In this interview, the president of eCollege’s Learning division provides his views on what is happening to the “course management system” as the penetration matures in U.S. higher education.

Learning Impact 2007: The Latest Trends in Learning, Technology, and Standards, August 2007, Type: Annual Review report, Format: PDF
Summary: This report from the IMS Global Learning Consortium reviews the latest developments and learning technology and standards and highlights six strategic trends to watch going forward into the future.

Innovation, Adoption, and Learning Impact: Creating the Future of IT, March 2007, Rob Abel, Type: Educause Review Article, Format: HTML
Summary: This article reviews the progress made in adoption of technology to support learning over the past 10 years in higher education and looks to the future given the current socio-economic drivers, with a special emphasis on the role of the Chief Information or Chief Learning Officer.

Unlocking Access to Learning at the Open University with OpenLearn: An Interview with Joel Greenberg of UK's Open U - December 2006, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: In this interview, the British Open University’s Director of Strategic Development talks about one of the world’s foremost open content initiatives, OpenLearn, and what role such initiatives will play in the future.

Making Distance Learning and Online Education Happen:An Interview with Gloria Pickar of Compass Knowledge Group - September 2006, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: The president of one of the most successful private companies providing services that help quality institutions and programs “go online” provides her views on the role of institutional and industry partnerships in improving access, affordability, and quality.

An Exemplary Program that Leverages Technology to Increase Capacity and Achieve Quality Outcomes for Nursing Students: An Interview with Frank Wetta of Ocean County College - July 2006, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: The provost of a leading U.S. community college explains how they have improved their nursing program with online technology.

What's Next in Learning Technology in Higher Education? Paper by Rob Abel dated October 2005. Type: Trends and predictions report, Format: PDF.
Summary: This paper discusses the past successes of technology to support and enhance learning in higher education, discusses several theories of adoption, and then provides predications on what future technology areas could “go mainstream.”

Internet - Supported Learning Self-Audit Study 2005: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Quality and Success November 2005 Type: Research report, Format: PDF.
Summary: Based on data collection from over 30 institutions, this research report describes parameters for assessing six dimensions of support that are critical to perceived success of higher education online learning initiatives of all kinds.

Achieving Success in Internet-Supported Learning in Higher Education: Case Studies Illuminate Success Factors, Challenges and Future Directions February 2005, Type: Research report, Format: PDF.
Summary: Based on case studies, this research report distills key success factors for online learning initiatives in higher education.

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