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The future of digital content, social and collaborative learning

Resources posted in this section are concerned with the rapidly changing landscape of options available for learning and education content as well new developments in redesign of learning experiences for a more digital future. Topics include items such as adoption of digital learning content, eBooks, and web learning applications, e-Learning and library resource integration, assistive technologies for learning, personalized learning, and curriculum redesign.

(Some resources require that you join the IMS GLC Public Forums and Community to gain access and some resources are reserved for IMS Affiliate Members or higher).

Featured Resources:

What's not in your backpack? The future of Textbooks in the 21st Century: A new Series on Learning Impact Article - January 2013, Article Format: PDF
Summary: Learn how major publishers are creating and developing the next generation learning format in the digital evolution

Harvard Business Publishing Provides Seamless Integration of Content Through IMS Global Learning Consortium Standards - September 2012, Article Format: HTML and PDF
Summary: Learn how Harvard Business Publishing uses Common Cartridge to provide and exchange content.

The iPad Changes the Landscape of Educational Portable Computing, November 2010, Type: Executive Summary, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: This article captures the key points made at the following discussion session held at EDUCAUSE 2010:
Digital Learning Resources: Does the iPad Change Everything/Anything? Held Thursday, 14 October 2010 -- Session description: New developments in digital books, book readers, digital publishing, and open educational resources. When will they be ready for prime time in education? Is it iPad vs. Kindle vs. Laptop? Join us to exchange views on real progress to date.

Teachers’ use of IMS Common Cartridge, July 2010, Type: Live webinar archive Format: Wimba. View the Recording
Summary: Dr. Agueda Gras-Velazquez (European Schoolnet) and Kati Clements (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) detail results from the ASPECT Summer School and explain why common cartridge seem particularly well-suited to address teachers’ needs.

e-Books & e-Readers: Trends, Issues, and Opportunities from the Educause 2009 Conference Discussion Forum, November 2009, Type: Event Summary Article, Format: HTML and PDF document
Summary: A summary article of the e-Book & e-Reader discussion at Educause 2009

Glow: Setting an Example for the World in Connecting Education across Scotland, November 2009, Type: Article, Format: HTML and PDF document
Summary: Overview of Glow, an educational collaboration tool and a winner of the 2009 Learning Impact Awards.

From CMS to Learning and Teaching: Trends in Digital Learning Content and Web 2.0 Integration, October 2009, Type: Presentation Slides, Format: PDF document
Summary: Rob Abel presentation from SLOAN-C about the four trends in Digital Learning

The Promise and Challenges of e-Books and e-Readers in Education, October 2009, Type: Article, Format: HTML and PDF document
Summary: A preparatory article that will be discussed at Educause 2009 surrounding e-Books and e-Readers and what devices will students be using to access that content in the future.

Using Learning Technology and Standards to Increase Student Success in Math at the University of Alabama, July 2009, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: Interactive, web-based, discipline specific “homework applications” are a disruptive innovation that is rapidly improving the lives of teachers and students at scale.

Digital Content Summit, March 2009, Type: Event summary article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: Report from The IMS GLC Special Summit on Next Generation Digital Learning & Content in February 2009 at California State University including trends in e-Books and related digital content, including presentations from CourseSmart, Café Scribe, Follett, Cengage, and Pearson.

Seven Trends to Watch in Digital Learning, October 2008, Type: Interview and event summary article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: This article is a complete summary of a series of interviews with executives discussing trends in both publisher and open content (Pearson, Cengage, Curriki, Connexions) as well as a networking session from Educause 2008 in which 50 higher education leaders expressed their opinions on what is occurring with respect to adoption of digital content,

LearnSAT -  Learning and Educational Technology Trends and Satisfaction Survey

Summary: LearnSAT is the education industry’s ONLY ongoing research into trends and satisfaction of products and services that contribute to the educational experience. The public may view in-process ratings and provide ratings by accessing the online IMS Learning and Educational Technology Product Directory. IMS Contributing Members have the ability to influence the categories, products and questions in the survey. IMS Contributing and Affiliate Members serve as survey panel participants and have in-process access to the full set of survey results in progress, including:

  1. Product ratings for 22 categories
  2. LMS ratings and trends
  3. Content authoring ratings and trends
  4. Classroom and collaboration technology ratings and trends
  5. Assessment product ratings and trends
  6. Digital content ratings and trends
  7. Product and service priorities for the next 12 months

Additional Resources:

New Standards to Facilitate eLearning, eSchoolNews, March 2009, Type: Online article, Format: HTML. Type: Online article, Format: HTML.
Summary: This magazine article describes the rise of IMS Common Cartridge in helping improve teaching and learning.

Perspectives on the Use of Technology in the Education Part of the Industry: 1995-2008 - Rob Abel - European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) – October 2008, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides.
Summary: This presentation compares industry segment growth of learning technology in the U.S. since 1995 and describes the important transformation to web-based learning applications and content in the current era.

The Coming Changes in Learning: Creating New Architectures Now! featuring coming changes in the health sciences, July 2008, Type: Video archive of Summit meeting, Format: Streaming video.
Summary: This is an archive of a full day of presentations at the University of Michigan looking to the future of digital content and architectures to meet the needs of open global learning, featuring talks from John L. King, Paul N. Courant, and a special talk by James J. Duderstadt on the Coming Changes in the University.

Interoperability Standards: Addressing Education Industry Challenges: Student Textbook Use and Pricing, May 2008, John Falchi, Type: Association for Learning Technology (ALT) newsletter article, Format: HTML.
Summary: This article describes IMS efforts to address standards for born-digital learning content as part of the transition to digital textbooks and beyond.

The Learning Federation: A Nationwide Initiative to Encourage Development of Interactive and Interoperable Learning Objects in the Schools Sector : An Interview with Stuart Tait - October 2007, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: In this interview we learn about progress and plans for one of the world’s most successful deployments of “learning objects” across a wide geographical territory in the K-12 segment, all with the help of IMS standards.

Access For All, And Access to What? Rob Abel, Presentation at Open Forum on Standards in Accessibility, September 2007, Type: Presentation slides, Format: PDF document of PowerPoint slides.
Summary: This presentation addresses the status of adoption of the emerging IMS Access For All accessibility standards and asks the question of how to improve adoption on the content side of the equation.

Learning Impact 2007: The Latest Trends in Learning, Technology, and Standards, August 2007, Type: Annual Review report, Format: PDF
Summary: This report from the IMS Global Learning Consortium reviews the latest developments and learning technology and standards and highlights six strategic trends to watch going forward into the future.

Innovation, Adoption, and Learning Impact: Creating the Future of IT, March 2007, Rob Abel, Type: Educause Review Article, Format: HTML
Summary: This article reviews the progress made in adoption of technology to support learning over the past 10 years in higher education and looks to the future given the current socio-economic drivers, with a special emphasis on the role of the Chief Information or Chief Learning Officer.

2007 KERIS Issue Report Standardization Issue Report: IMS Common Cartridge
Summary: This issue paper considers the prospects for the Application of Common Cartridge in Korea in conjunction with the Digital Book project and based on the history with the CyberHome Learning System.

Unlocking Access to Learning at the Open University with OpenLearn: An Interview with Joel Greenberg of UK's Open U - December 2006, Type: Interview article, Format: HTML and PDF document.
Summary: In this interview, the British Open University’s Director of Strategic Development talks about one of the world’s foremost open content initiatives, OpenLearn, and what role such initiatives will play in the future.

What's Next in Learning Technology in Higher Education? Paper by Rob Abel dated October 2005. Type: Trends and predictions report, Format: PDF.
Summary: This paper discusses the past successes of technology to support and enhance learning in higher education, discusses several theories of adoption, and then provides predications on what future technology areas could “go mainstream.”

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