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The IMS Campus Program is an open network of K-20 institutions collaborating on strategies for adopting IMS technical specifications and adoption practices.  An institution’s participation in the IMS Campus Program signifies its commitment to ongoing quality enhancements that affect the delivery of e-learning program(s) and create enhanced learning environments through the adoption of IMS specifications.  Institutions participating in this program receive guidance from the IMS community, members, affiliates, and staff through online forum collaboration and attending IMS quarterly and annual meetings.  Participants can also receive IMS member services aimed at aligning institution-specific learning enterprise plans with the adoption of IMS specifications and adoption practices. 

Participate in the IMS Campus Program – Register your institution to participate in the IMS Campus Forum and begin to collaborate and receive guidance from peer institutions, IMS member institutions and IMS Staff.  need correct link to IMS Campus Forum



Guidance, collaboration and commitment are the foundation supporting the IMS Campus Program and enable institutions to gain tremendous value out of their participation in this program.

  • Guidance

Program participants have several options to receive guidance for adopting IMS standards at the institution, system or district level.  Based on the complexity of a given institution’s adoption plan, guidance can range from working through the IMS Campus Forum to collaborate with peers - to receiving IMS Campus Services delivered by IMS staff.   IMS staff will help you to define a high level IMS Campus Plan for adopting IMS standards that are relevant to your institution’s strategic learning technology objectives.  Once developed, the institution can use their IMS Campus Plan as a roadmap and leverage the various IMS Campus resources to help guide their implementation and adoption activities. 

  • Collaboration

Participants in the IMS Campus Program are interested in collaborating with peers who are committed to leading the way and working together to support institution-specific and foster broad-based adoption of IMS standards.  Participants work together to share implementation and adoption strategies, lessons learned and successes.  This level of collaboration supports an institution with aligning its learning technology enterprise, current and future, with IMS technical interoperability standards aimed at creating innovative learning environments and enhanced learning information services.

IMS Campus Program Key collaboration areas include:

  • Scalable Integration of Campus and District Learning Enterprise Systems

  • Digital Education Content Strategies and Solutions

  • Improved Student Retention

  • e-Learning Quality – Academic, Financial and Operational ROI
  • International Recognition for Innovative Application of Learning Technology and Advancing the IMS GLC Mission

There are several ways for institutions to collaborate within the IMS Campus Program:

IMS Campus Forum:  This forum is open to all institutions interested in collaborating with IMS Campus Program participants.  Registration is free but required for you to receive a user id and password credentials.   Register to participate and you will be able join discussion threads and receive free documents related to your institution’s specific areas of interest; or simply create a new discussion area to attract participants and begin to collaborate, share ideas and receive guidance from institutions who have successfully implemented IMS standards.

IMS Quarterly and Annual Learning Impact Meetings – IMS GLC establishes IMS Campus Program working groups and Summit activities which occur during our quarterly meetings.  Additionally, the IMS Annual Learning Impact Summit includes a program track devoted to IMS Campus Case Studies and defining challenges relevant to this program for further collaboration.  These face-to-face meetings are rich in collaboration and opportunities to network with peer institutions facing similar learning technology standards challenges. 

Participants in this program also collaborate outside of the forum and IMS meetings to support each other in the planning and implementation phases of IMS standards adoption.  The outcomes of these collaborations are shared in the IMS Campus Forum and/or during IMS quarterly and annual meetings.

  • Commitment

Institutions that participate in the IMS Campus Program are committed to advancing the mission of this program and the overall mission of IMS GLC.  They do this by feeding their adoption strategies, experiences, outcomes, and lessons learned back into the IMS GLC organization and community through various channels, including:             

  1. IMS GLC-sponsored Webinars Industry conference presentations (e.g. IMS Learning Impact, EDUCAUSE, SLOAN-C)
  2. IMS Campus Case Studies aimed at documenting an institution’s adoption strategy and realized or expected
  3. Return on IMS (ROI) in terms academic, financial or operational benefits.
  4. Ongoing reporting of progress against IMS Campus Plan at IMS meetings and summits.

Another way that program participants are committed to advancing the IMS GLC mission is by requiring IMS standards in relevant learning technology procurements, such as LMS, digital content, eBooks, and other learning systems.   IMS staff can provide guidance to procuring IMS-compliant learning technologies by working directly with an institution to craft relevant RFP language or to leverage existing IMS documents to support an institution’s specific procurement needs.


Become an ‘IMS Campus’

IMS GLC has established a formal process for recognizing K-20 institutions that have demonstrated commitment to the IMS Campus Program and have documented this commitment and adoption outcomes (realized or forecasted) in an institution-specific IMS Campus Case Study.   These case studies are subjective and based on the institution’s criteria for value realized or forecasted as a result of adopting IMS technical standards.  In most cases, value is captured in Return on IMS (ROI) terms such as academic quality, financial cost savings and avoidance or operational efficiencies.  If an institution’s case study is approved by IMS for the “IMS Campus” designation, the institution will receive a formal written letter of acceptance and is eligible to display the IMS Campus logo on their Website and other promotional materials related to the institution.

Click on the IMS Campus logo below to read institution-specific case studies.  These IMS Campuses are also available to support and guide institutions interested in adopting IMS specifications.  Contact information is provided for key points of contact for the respective institutions below.  Call or email these individuals and hear first-hand how they received the many benefits associated with the IMS Campus Program and evolved into IMS Campuses.


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