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IMS Global Higher Education Members Are on a Sustainable Route to Making the Most of an Accelerating Landscape of EdTech Innovation and Creating Resources That the Entire Higher Education Community Can Utilize to Support Next Generation Digital Learning
Listen to this EdTech Times Podcast to hear IMS Global CEO, Rob Abel, discuss how interoperability can improve teaching and learning experiences.


Participate in the Connected Learning Innovation Community

The IMS Global Higher Education member community, under the leadership of our Higher Education Institutional Leadership Board, has been helping institutions implement IMS Global open standards and practices that yield the following benefits:

  • Greater Innovation: enable an instructional environment in which technology "gets out of the way" and becomes highly supportive of next generation teaching and learning environments
  • Better Data Access and Educational Insight: remove significant barriers to collecting and analyzing data to support student success initiatives
  • Seamless User Experience: synchronize user, course and context information to eliminate manual transfer of information and enable single sign-on to make the use of technology much easier for teachers and students
  • Flexible Pathways to Degree Completion: enable personalized learning and pursuit of non-traditional programs to assess and award credentials beyond the traditional transcript
  • Improve Efficiency and Reduce Integration Costs: significantly reduce the time and money it takes to integrate third-party learning platforms, tools, and content into the institution's digital ecosystem

Our student activity hub would not be possible without IMS standards.

Dan Suchy

Dan Suchy

Director of Educational Technology Services, University of California San Diego

Hear What IMS Institutional Leaders Are Saying About LTI Advantage

LTI Advantage is the foundation for enabling an innovative, flexible, and extensible digital learning ecosystem with industry-level security. By adopting this revolutionary approach for integrating learning applications and platforms, institutions will have more trust in its ability to protect sensitive student data and personally identifiable information (PII) within its digital ecosystem. Learn more about LTI Advantage.

Understand How Your Data is Being Used

IMS App Vetting benefits institutions that do not have the time or the resources to thoroughly vet an application. IMS App Vetting is different from other approaches to evaluating edtech applications because it promotes communication and collaboration among IMS members. Learn more about App Vetting and Privacy.


Higher Education (HED) Playbook:
Resources to Help Institutions Transition to a Fully Integrated Digital Ecosystem to Support Next Generation Learning

The HED Playbook is an easy-to-use reference and resource center for academic and IT leaders who are implementing a digital transformation strategy to support personalized learning to improve outcomes. Created by IMS Global member institutions, these resources are designed to help institutions of all sizes shorten the learning curve around the adoption of IMS interoperability standards to create a plug-and-play integrated teaching and learning ecosystem.





Innovation Leadership Network

Community members benefit from the exchange of ideas and collaborative work to accelerate their progress towards an integrated edtech ecosystem.


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Getting Started

Case studies, articles, videos and much more to help institutions transition to a fully integrated digital teaching and learning ecosystem.


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Procurement Resources

Ensuring that your educational technology tools are IMS Certified is the best way to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem. IMS Global has developed RFP language and checklists that districts can use when procuring digital platforms, apps, and tools.


LTI Advantage HED Playbook Icon

LTI Advantage

The next phase of integration for the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard comprising three extensions that focus on providing the best user experiences with your teaching and learning solutions. 




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